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Prof. Dr. Olaf Elicki
Freiberg University, Geological Institute

Department of Palaeontology

D-09599 Freiberg
Bernhard-von-Cotta street 2

phone: +49 (0)3731-39-2435
fax: +49 (0)3731-39-12435


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That's me ...

year/place of birth:

1962 - Köthen (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany)

living place:

Since 1984 in the old silver mining town Freiberg (Saxony, Germany)

family status:

Married, one daughter


Studies in geology-palaeontology (Freiberg University)

Diploma: "Palaeontology, lithology and depositional history of the Cambrian carbonates of the Görlitz synclinorium (East Germany)"

Phd: "Facies analysis of the Cambrian carbonates of Germany"


Assistant professor at Department of Palaeontology (Freiberg University)


Speaker of the university president (Freiberg University)

since 1995:

Lecturer & Research Associate at Department of Palaeontology (Freiberg University)


Docent & Research Associate at Department of Palaeontology (Freiberg University);
Habilitation & facultas docendi on "Cambrian life in Mediterranean carbonate environments and consequences for the geological reconstruction of the early Palaeozoic Perigondwana";
Venia legendi in palaeontology


Appointed Professor for Micropalaeontology & Palaeoecology

Professional interests
  • Cambrian life and deposition (evolution, ecosystems, "small shelly fossils", trace fossils, stratigraphy, palaegeography, sedimentary facies patterns, focus on: southern and Centralm Europe, Near and Middle East, northern Africa)
  • late Proterozoic to early Palaeozoic systems
  • palaeobiological and sedimentological carbonates facies analysis
  • palaeoecology of marine carbonate and clastic systems
  • marine-to-nonmarine transitional realms of the Palaeozoic
  • post-Cambrian systems (focus on: upper Permian, Germanic Triassic, Cretaceous, Teriary)
  • Tertiary microfauna of the Mediterranean


Actual research team

Team leader

Olaf Elicki

Team members

Muftah M. Altumi (Phd cand.)

Anne Förster (MSc cand.)

Franziska Heuer (BSc cand.)

Christian Kreher (BSc cand.)
Sara Mönchgenger (BSc cand.)
Maria Schulz (BSc cand.)
Robert Wickfelder (BSc cand.)


Educational work

For descriptions and for supplementary material (scripts) of the lessons, for organizational and special data of recent and future field trips, and for any handouts to these events, please, use the Palaeontology in Freiberg homepage and its subunit Lehre (in German; elaborately) respectively Education (short English version).


Basics in Micropalaeontology (lectures & practices)

Basics in Palaeontology
(practices & seminars)

(lectures, practices & seminars)

Applied Palaeontology & Stratigraphy
(lectures, sporadicly)

(lectures, sporadicly)

Evolution of System Earth
(2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-2010: lectures)


Field trip: Marine Biotopes (2 days)

Field trip: Early Palaeozoic of the Elbe zone & Lusatia (1-2 days)

Field trip: Northern Bohemia (Eger-Rift Graben), (2 days)

Field trip: Applied Palaeontology & Stratigraphy (Harz Mountains) (2 days)

Field trip: Paleoecology (2 days)

First- and second-year-mapping-courses (2 weeks)

Field course: North Sea & Baltic Sea - Stratigraphy and Facies Patterns (2 weeks)

Field course: Palaeontology/Biostratigraphy/Biofacies (2 to 3 weeks)

Other field trips: Geological abroad excursions (Jordan, Israel, Sardinia; 3 weeks)

Cambrian microfossils

education and training in the field

Current offers of BSc- and MSc-projects (thesis possible in German or English):

Supervised Phd-projects:

Supervised diploma/MSc-projects:

Supervised BSc-projects:


Supervised Phd/diploma/MSc-alumni

went to ...

Ines Flatter Bremen University
Jens Wendler Bremen University
Petra Münzberger Regensburg University
Muftah A.M. Altumi Libyan Petroleum Institute, Tripolis
Thomas Wotte Münster University
Yvonne Hamann Leipzig University / ETH Zurich
Kerstin Fohlert Geopark "Inselberg - Drei Gleichen"
Stephan Brauner Geopark "Inselberg - Drei Gleichen"
Steffi Schmidt IFM-Geomar - Kiel University
Thomas Biener Bremen University
Matthias W. Zeidler Beak Consultants Corp.
Richard Hofmann Zurich University
Grit Benedix Senckenberg Institute (Frankfurt/M.)
Stefanie Kaboth Alfred-Wegener Insitute Bremerhaven





Scientific work

Research fields:

focal points
research partners
Cambrian Sinai sedimentology, facies model, palaeogeography, biostratigraphy; ichnology , paleoecology

2009 -

M. Khalifa (Cairo),
S. Farouk (Cairo)

Cambrian Libya depositional model, facies, palaeogeography, biostratigraphy

2007 -

M.A.M. Altumi (Tripolis),
A.M. Abdada (Tripolis)

Cambrian Turkey microfossils, paleoecology, depositional model, palaeogeography, biostratigraphy

2006 -

S. Gürsu (Magla),
C. Göncüoglu (Ankara)

Cambrian Jordan carbonate facies analysis, microfossils, depositional model, palaeogeography, trophic structures, paleoecology, biostratigraphy, ichnology
1997 -
R. Shinaq (Irbid/Mafraq),
F. Ahmad (Zarqa),
K. Bandel (Hamburg),
G. Mangano (Saskatoon),
G. Geyer (Würzburg),
R. Hofmann (Zürich)
Cambrian Sardinia (Italy) carbonate facies analysis, small shelly fossils, trilobites; paleoecology, environment, trophic structures
1995 -

G.L. Pillola (Cagliari),
M. Mergl (Plzen)

Cambrian Germany carbonate facies analysis, small shelly fossils, trilobites, archaeocyaths; palaeontology, paleoecology, environment, depositional model, palaeogeography, trophic structures
1987 -
F. Debrenne (Paris),
G . Geyer (Würzburg)
Cambrian Cantabria (Spain) microfossils, paleoecology, trophic structures, depositional model, palaeogeography, biostratigraphy
Th. Wotte (Freiberg),
E. Moreno-Eiris (Madrid),
A. Perejón (Madrid)
Devonian Germany volcanism and following carbonate sedimentation the Vogtland area; facies analysis and depositional model;
carbonate facies analysis of the Elbtal-Schiefergebirge Mountains;
stratigraphy & facies of carbonates of the Görlitz synclinorium
1997 - 2000
M. Kurze (Freiberg),
B. Gaitzsch (Freiberg),
U. Lehmann (Freiberg),
M. Göthel (Cottbus)
Permian Germany microfacies and depositional model of upper Permian carbonates
1996 - 1998
I. Flatter (Bremen),
J. Wendler (Bremen)
Palaeozoic Egypt sedimentology, Palaeontology, facies model, palaeogeography, biostratigraphy, paleoecology
2010 -
S. Farouk (Cairo)
Triassic Germany microfacies, diagenesis, and depositional model of Lower Triassic mixed deposits
2008 -
J.W. Schneider (Freiberg)
Cretaceous Germany microfacies, micropalaeontology, depositional models
2011 -
M. Magnus (Freiberg)
Tertiary Sardinia micropalaeontology, palaeoecology
2011 -

G.L. Pillola (Cagliari),
A. Porcu (Cagliari)

Supported projects:

support institution
personal staff
German Research Council (DFG) Cambrian of Turkey (palaeontology, paleoecology, palaeobiogeography, sedimentary facies).
(in preparation)

O. Elicki,
C. Göncüoglu,
S. Gürsu,
I. Gedik

German Research Council (DFG) Basal Cambrian in southern Sardinia.
(in preparation)

O. Elicki,
G.L. Pillola

German Research Council (DFG) Taxonomic & stratigraphic revision and palaeogeography of the archaeocyatha of Germany.
2010 -

F. Debrenne,
O. Elicki

German Research Council (DFG) The start of the Phanerozoic at the northern edge of the East Sahara Craton (Libya): stratigraphy, facies, and process-correlation along the W-Gondwanan shelf..
2010 -
O. Elicki,
M.M. Altumi
German Research Council (DFG) Environments and correlation of early post-Panafrican facies realms at the northern margin of the Arabian-Nubian Shield (Egypt, Israel, Jordan).
2009 -

O. Elicki,
M. Khalifa
S. Farouk,
D. Avigad,
F. Ahmad,
R. Shinaq

Libyan Petroleum Institute (LPI) Cambrian of Libya (palaeontology, paleoecology, palaeobiogeography, sedimentary facies).
2007 - 2008

O. Elicki,
O.S. Hammuda,
M. Altumi

German Research Council (DFG) Palaeontology, stratigraphy and palaeogeography of the marine Cambrian from the Dead Sea area with special respect to the microfaunas of Jordan and their correlation to the European Shelf of Gondwana.
2004 - 2007
O. Elicki,
R. Shinaq,
G. Mangano,
R. Hofmann
Geological Survey of Saxony Conodonts in the palaeozoic of Saxony.
2005 - 2006

O. Elicki,
M. Zeidler,
H. Walter

German Research Council (DFG) Cambrian in Cantabria and Asturoccidental-Leonese zones and in the Sierra Morena: "Aspectos sedimentológicos, paleobiológicos, tectónicos y metalogenéticos de las sucesiones del Cámbrico en la Península Ibérica y su reflejo en las crisis biológicas de los primeros metazoos."
2004 - 2006

A. Perejón,
E. Moreno-Eiris,
O. Elicki,
C. Quesada,
T. Sánchez,
J. Álvaro,
E. Vennin

German Research Council (DFG) Micro-faunas of the Early to Middle Cambrian Láncara Formation (Cantabrian Mountains, NW Spain): micropalaeontology, palaeobiogeography and dynamics in the Early to Middle Cambrian of W Gondwana.
2003 - 2006
Th. Wotte,
O. Elicki,
A. Perejón,
E. Moreno-Eiris,
Th. Biener
Geological Survey of Saxony Investigation on early Palaeozoic low grade metamorphosed units of Saxony: biostratigraphy, regional geology and new methodical approaches.
2003 - 2004

O. Elicki,
H. Walter,
M. Zeidler

German Research Council (DFG), Jordan Higher Council for Science and Technology (HCST) Paleoecology and environment analysis of Cambrian carbonates of the southern Dead Sea region (Jordan).
2000 - 2002
O. Elicki,
J. Schneider,
R. Shinaq,
K. Bandel
German Research Council (DFG) Facies and paleoecology in the final stage of a Cambrian carbonate platform - the small shelly fauna of the Campo Pisano Fm. / SW Sardinia.
1997 - 2003
O. Elicki,
P. Münzberger,
Y. Hamann,
Th. Wotte
German Research Council (DFG) Cambrian carbonates of Germany: palaeobiogeography, fauna and facies analysis.
1992 - 1997
O. Elicki,
J. Schneider

Organizer of the following conferences:

name / topic
"Stratigraphy, Sedimentation and Basin Development in the Carboniferous and Permian", Colloquium at Freiberger Geotage (48th BHT-Conference).
June, 18th - 21st, 1997
"Late Carboniferous to Early Triassic of Central Europe - Processes and their Timing"
Workshop at Freiberger Geotage (53rd BHT-Conference).
June, 21st - 23rd, 2002
"Late Westphalian terrestrial biotas and palaeoenvironments of the Variscan Foreland and adjacent intramontane basins" (Central European Meeting of IGCP 469) & "Environmental reconstruction and stratigraphy in the Palaeozoic" (COTTA workshop).
October, 9th - 11th, 2004
"Fossil Ecosystems", 77. Annual Meeting of the German Palaeontological Society.
September, 16th - 20th, 2007
"DARWIN COLLOQUIUM" in honour of the 150th anniversary of the publication of "On the Origin of Species ..." and the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth.
June, 11th - 13th, 2009
"15th International Field Conference of the Cambrian Stage Subdivision Working Group - PRAGUE 2010" (International Subcommission on Cambrian Stratigraphy). Organizer of the Freiberg workshop "Cambrian of the Saxo-Thuringian".
June, 9th - 11th, 2010


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