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3D Geomodeling with Gocad

The integration of multidisciplinary geoscience data sets and creation of 3d geomodels is an evolutionary step in geosciences. Gocad is a geomodeling software which allows to honor heterogeneous data such as sampling data and geophysical models for the creation of complex 3d geomodels. This is facilitated particularly by a discrete topological data model and the unique Discrete Smooth Interpolation method.
3d geomodels are used for many purposes, for example:
  • in economic/petroleum geology for quantitative reserve estimation and risk assessment,
  • in tectonics for models of the earth crust at different scales, 3d balanced restoration, earth quake research
  • in hydrogeology as input model for flow modelling, for modelling contaminations,
  • or in general for visualization and communication among geoscientists.

The fundamental concepts and prototypes are being developed by the Gocad Research Group (GRG) headed by Prof. Mallet and Prof. Caumon at the ENSG Nancy/ France. A recommended reference is the book "Geomodeling".
We collaborate with the GRG for example during joint PhD projects (M. Apel, T. Frank). Since 1997 Gocad is used here in Freiberg very intensively for research and teaching.
Gocad is available from Earth Decision/ Houston and Mira Geoscience/Montreal (for the mining industry).

Note: The following page contains images and 3d-models (1MB) which require a few seconds to load and a Browser with vrml plug-in. If you need to install it, make sure you have administrator rights. Tested with IE6.

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