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Dec, 2000 This list has not been updated in several years and I am not currently able to keep it current. It will remain available as a resource, but please do not expect responses to list update requests. Thanks!

July, 1996. This list now has over 3000 entries! Several other sites have given special attention to this site, so they are now listed on a recognition page.

In response to the increasing amount of email I have been getting, I've compiled a list of frequently asked questions. Please read these answers before sending me email!

All schools are currently arranged alphabetically. A geographical listing is available as well. To view colleges under a particular letter, select it below:

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You can also access:

These lists contain home pages (please do not send non-http URLs) for universities and colleges all over the world. They do not contain departmental pages unless the page in question did an adequate job of providing general campus information as well, and the lists only include one link per school. You can get more information about these lists in the new FAQ. For a list of US Schools only, see Mike Conlon's list of American Universities.
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