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International Conference 2011

Uranium, Mining and Hydrogeology VI

UMH III: September 15th until 18th 2002


Merkel, B., Planer-Friedrich, B. & Wolkersdorfer C. (eds.): Uranium in the aquatic environment. - Conference Proceedings 3rd International Conference on Uranium Mining and Hydrogeology 2002, Freiberg, Germany. - 1112 S; Heidelberg (Springer, ISBN 3-540-43927-7).

avaiblable from the institute for geology (Prof. Broder Merkel), University of Mining and Technology Freiberg or from the conference organization.

Conclusion of the third International Conference on Uranium Mining and Hydrogeology UMH III [English version]
Zusammenfassung der 3. Internationalen Urantagung [deutsche Version]

Results of the workshops

workshop 1:
Mine Water Legislation (chairs: Jan Bongaerts, Peter Waggitt, and Christian Wolkersdorfer) [ English version]

workshop 2:
Long-term Stability of Remediation Measures (chairs: Henk Coetzee, W. Eberhard Falck, and Donald Metzler)
[ English version]

workshop 3:
Geochemical Modelling (chairs: Christian Ekberg, Broder Merkel, and Wolfgang Voigt) [ English version]

According to the suggestions of the workshop "Geochemical Modelling" a moderated email-list was created to ease information exchange concerning this issue. You can subscribe to that list here. Messages you send to that mailing list will be distributed to the subscribers of the list.

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