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International Conference 2011

Uranium, Mining and Hydrogeology VI

A confirmation of registration and invoice including all necessary information about payment instructions will be sent to you upon registration by mail, fax or email.

Bank name: Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden
Branch address: Güntzplatz 9, 01305 Dresden
Payee/Account name: Hauptkasse Sachsen
Payee address: Stauffenbergallee 2, 01099 Dresden
Bank code: 850 503 00
Account No: 3155825005
IBAN: DE09 850503003155825005
Ust-IdNr.: DE 141136178
StNr.: 220 144 00153

It is also possible to pay by credit card or in cash at the conference desk. Unfortuanatly we are not able to handle credit card payment via the Internet


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