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International Conference 2011

Uranium, Mining and Hydrogeology VI

Representative Conference topics include:

Session I: Renaissance of Uranium MIning

  • In-situ leaching
  • Radiation Protection
  • Environmental issues
  • Life cycle concepts
  • International safety standards
  • Risk assessment studies
  • Education, training, and public relations

Session II: Phosphate Mining and Uranium recovery

  • New Methods
  • Phosphor gypsum
  • Radiation protection

Session III: Cleaning up technologies for water and soil

  • Mine closure concepts
  • Waste rock piles and Tailings
  • Phytoremediation / stabilization
  • Microbiological aspects

Session IV: Analytics and sensors for Uranium and Radon

  • Uranium speciation analytics
  • Sensors for environmental monitoring
  • Bio-monitoring and Bio-indication

Session V: Modelling

  • Thermodynamic and kinetically data
  • Sorption
  • Ecot-toxicological risk assessment
  • Case Studies

Session VI: Miscellaneous

  • Toxicity of Uranium, Radium and Radon
  • Fate of Uranium in building material using fly ash
  • Radioactive scales in oil pipelines
  • Fate of Uranium from water treatment plants



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