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International Conference 2011

Uranium, Mining and Hydrogeology VI

Submission of abstracts

Participants intending to present a paper (oral presentation or poster) are requested to send an abstract in English (maximum 300 words as RTF or Word-File on disk or email) to the conference secretariat (umh@geo.tu-freiberg.de) until 15.02.2011 at the latest (earlier submission encouraged). Online abstract submission via your personal UMH account is prefered. The abstract submission is only possible after being registered for the conference (Online-Registration). Please notify that the registration is only used as a preliminary information, final confirmation for your participation is your payment of the conference fee.

The abstract will be reviewed by two members of the Scientific Advisory Committee. After being registered you get your own conference passwort, with which you are able to check the status of your abstract. You will get a written confirmation of your paper / poster being accepted or declined until 15.03.2011.

Please indicate with the submission of the abstract to which of the conference topics your paper refers to.


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