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Uranium, Mining and Hydrogeology VI

Freiberg is located in the eastern part of Germany about 240 km south of the capital Berlin, close to the border of the Czech Republic in the federal state of Saxonia. With about 46.000 inhabitants and about 3.000 students it is rather small, but nevertheless famous as a traditional silver mining district and today as an important geocenter in Europe.


Travel by car

Freiberg is conveniently located with regard to transport facilities in the direction of Berlin, Prag, Dresden, Frankfurt am Main:

  • A 13 Berlin–Dresden–Freiberg
  • A 14 Leipzig–Freiberg
  • A 4 Frankfurt a. M.–Erfurt–Chemnitz–Freiberg
  • A 93 (A 72) Munich–Regensburg–Hof–Chemnitz–Freiberg

For detailled routeplanning please use the link www.map24.com


Travel by airplane

The closest airport to Freiberg is Dresden Airport. Via Lufthansa - the national German airline - Dresden is connected to all big international German airports (Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin). An Airport City Liner shuttles between Dresden Airport and the Dresden Hauptbahnhof (Main Railway Station) from where the train takes another 45 minutes to Freiberg.

Arriving at Frankfurt, Munich or Berlin airport and taking the train to Freiberg is another option. While Frankfurt and Munich have only one airport, Berlin has three (Tegel, Tempelhof, Schönefeld).

Thus, coming from the airport in Dresden you have to take a train (S2) to Dresden Hauptbahnhof (central railway station) (airport location plan & time table train connections )


Further Information you will find on the several airport-websites

Leipzig-Halle Airport, 100 km, Phone: 0049–341–2241155
Dresden Airport, 65 km, Phone: 0049–351–8813360
Berlin International Airports, 240 km, Phone: 0049–180–5000–186
Munich Airport, 450 km,  
Frankfurt a. M Airport, 440 km, Phone: 0049–69 69 00


Travel by train

Freiberg can be reached easily by train from any direction.

Further information under:

Deutsche Bahn AG,

Phone: 0049-11861

Web page: http://www.bahn.de


Getting around in Freiberg:

Timetable Public service bus system in Freiberg (Verkehrsverbund Mittelsachsen)


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