Oman field work 2002

Working in the mantle section in Wadi Salahi

GŁnter Suhr and Adolphe Nicolas fixing the actual position on the map

The MOHO in Wadi Abyad (the classical...)

Magmatic deformation in the layered gabbros in Wadi Khaffifah

Magmatic breccia in the gabbro section of Wadi Himli indicating the existence of a magma chamber or melt lens

The classical pillow lavas (Geotimes pillows)

A dyke in the sheeted dyke complex of the Fizh massiv, northern part of the ophiolite. Note the small crack on the left side of the dyke margin which was filled with melt right after dyke intrusion. This melt was quenched now forming devitrified glas

Detailed photograph of the chilled margin

Some more pictures ...

Sand dunes in Central Oman

Driving the Wahiba sands

Driving the Wahiba sands means driving the sand dunes. This picture was taken on the way from Al Mintirib to the south of the sands

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A camel family ...

... and a lizard