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Instructions for psf - Authors (from 2010 onward)

Authors, who would like to publish an article in the psf journal, should apply the following hints.

1  Manuscripts

All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed and must be ready for print. They should have 25 to 30 manuscript pages (including plates) maximum, for more extended, please, contact the editor. They should be printed in A4 format (Laser-quality), one-spaced, in Times font (10 cpi), and without page numbers. The margins must have 2.5 cm (top, left, right, and bottom); for the first page, please, use an upper margin of 2.0 cm.

Only electronic submission (windows; word, wordperfect) and one printed manuscript can be accepted.

At the beginning of the paper write the title (centered, bold, Times 12 cpi font). If the article is written in German please give an English translation (centered, bold, Times 10 cpi font). The title is followed by the author's names, their residence and number of figures, tables and plates (centered, Times 10 cpi font). After that a complete reference, keywords, addresses of the authors and table of contents follow. All papers have to be preceded by a brief German "Zusammenfassung" and corresponding English "Abstract". Articles in German and English will be accepted. If the article is in German, an English translation is necessary for title, figure and table captions and in longer articles also for "Conclusions" at the end of the paper. If needed, ask the editor for help in German translation.

Explanations and comments can be typed in a small fond (9 cpi). Species and genus names must be typed in italics. First order chapter titles must be numbered and bold written. Author's names write in small-CAPITALS followed by the year of publication in brackets or (if the whole reference is in brackets) after a comma: e.g.

"… as proposed by MAYER (1996) …" or " … as proposed by early authors (MAYER, 1996; MÜLLER, 1999) …".

2  Illustrations

For photographs and photoplates, electronic submission is preferred. The scale should be drawn on each picture or photographed along with the subject. If the entire plates are smaller than 16 x 24 cm (print space), they must be enlarged by the same factor in length and wide.

Indicate the supposed position of the figure in the text.

Figures will usually be printed in black-and-white. Colour printing (free of charge) is possible, but, previous consultation of the editor is needed. For the electronic version of the reprints (PDF file) there is no limitation in the use and number of coloured figures

Photographs and graphics/figures have to be submitted as separate files (JPG, TIFF, CorelDraw).

Note that a maximum of exploitation of each sheet is demanded!
Do not include drawings, figures or photographs into the text-file!

3  References

WRAY, J.L. (1977): Calcareous Algae. – Developments in palaeontology and stratigraphy, 4. – Elsevier, Amsterdam: 185 pp.

KATZUNG, G. & KRULL, P. (1984): Zur tektonischen Entwicklung Mittel- und Nordwesteuropas während des Jungpaläozoikums. – Zeitschrift für angewandte Geologie, 30: 163–173.

KNIGHT, J.B., COX, L.R., MYRA KEEN, A., BATTEN, R.L., YOCHELSON, E.L. & ROBERTSON, R. (1960): Paleozoic gastropods. – In: MOORE, R.C. (ed.), Treatise on invertebrate paleontology, part I, Mollusca 1. – Geological Society of America and University of Kansas Press, New York and Lawrence, Kansas: 169–331.

Note and check carefully the correct style of references before submission, e.g. regarding "small-CAPITALS" instead of "CAPITALS" for authors names, the use of "en dash" (–) instead of "minus" (-), etc.!


4  Reprints

Each article will receive 15 printed (at present) as well as an electronic separate (PDF file) free of charge.

5  Correspondence

Correspondence, manuscripts and accompanying illustrations should be sent to:

psf - Paläontologie, Stratigraphie, Fazies
Prof. Dr. Olaf Elicki
Geologisches Institut
TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Bernhard-von-Cotta-Strasse 2
D-09596 Freiberg/Sachsen
phone : +49 (0)37 31 / 39 2435
fax : +49 (0)37 31 / 39 12435
e-mail :


Submission of a manuscript to the editors for publication in "psf" is considering binding assurance from the authors that this work has not been and will not be published elsewhere in this form.

With acceptance and publication of a manuscript the exclusive copyright for every language and country is transferred to the publishers. The copyright covers the exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute the article including reprints, microfilm or any other reproductions and translations.