Inhalt von Heft 14 / Contents of Issue 14 (2006)

Redaktionelle Leitung / Editors
Prof. Dr. Jörg W. Schneider & Dr. Olaf Elicki, Freiberg

Gründel, J.
Gastropoden aus dem oberen Bathonium von Luc-sur-Mer/Calvados (Normandie, Frankreich): III. Heterostropha.
Upper Bathonian gastropods from Luc-sur-Mer/Calvados (Normandie, France):
III. Heterostropha.
Salamon, M.A., Zaton, M., Kin, A. & Gajerski, A.
Tithonian (Upper Jurassic) crinoids from central Poland.
Gorzelak, P. & Salamon, M.A.
The youngest Mesozoic record of millericrinid crinoids (Millericrinida, Crinoidea) from Upper Cretaceous deposits of Poland.
Shinaq, R., Shereideh, S. & Saifuldin, N.
Microfacies and depositional environment of Upper Cretaceous phosphorites in northern Jordan.
Bandel, K.
Families of the Cerithioidea and related superfamilies (Palaeo-Caenogastropoda; Mollusca) from the Triassic to the Recent characterized by protoconch morphology - including the description of new taxa.
Buschmann, B. & Maslennikov, V.V.
The late Ordovician or earliest Silurian hydrothermal vent fauna from the Yaman Kasy VMS deposit (South Uralides, Russia).

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