Inhalt von Heft 11 / Contents of Issue 11 (2003)

Redaktionelle Leitung / Editors
Prof. Dr. Jörg W. Schneider & Dr. Olaf Elicki, Freiberg

Elicki, O.; Hamann, Y. & Münzberger, P.

Biofazies, Paläoökologie und Ablagerungsmodell des Finalstadiums einer kambrischen Karbonatplattform-Entwicklung: die Fauna der Campo Pisano Formation SW-Sardiniens
Biofacies, palaeoecology and depositional model of the final stage of a Cambrian carbonate platform evolution: the fauna of the Campo Pisano formation of SW Sardinia

Salamon, M.A. & Niedzwiedzki, R.

Triassic echinoids of the Holy Cross Mountains (southern Poland)

Zaton, M. & Piechota, A.

Carnian (Late Triassic) charophyte flora of the Paleorhinus biochron at Krasiejow (SW Poland)

Ernst, A.

Upper Palaeozoic bryozoans from the Carnic Alps (Austria)

Bandel, K. & Shinaq, R.

Sediments of the Precambrian Wadi Abu Barqa Formation influenced by life and their relation to the Cambrian sandstones in southern Jordan

Salamon, M.A.

- short communication -
Retrieval of the holotype of Dadocrinus kunishi WACHSMUTH & SPRINGER, 1886 in the Geological Museum of Wroclaw University

Bandel, K. & Shinaq, R.

The sea in the Jordan Rift (Northern Jordan) during Oligocene/Miocene transition with implications to the reconstruction of the geological history of the region

Hmich, D.; Schneider, J.W.; Saber, H. & El Wartiti, M.

First Permocarboniferous insects (blattids) from North Africa (Morocco) - implications on palaeobiogeography and palaeoclimatology

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