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This website (including sub-sites) will no more updated from July, 1st, 2012 onward and will be switched off next!
The new www-address is now
http://tu-freiberg.de/en/geo/palaeo/workgroup !


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On this site you can get to know us. Here you find information on how to contact each of us and you have access to the homepages of the members of the working group. So it will be possible for you to get very special information, e.g. on details of our working areas and projects, on the publication lists, on recent Phd- and diploma works, on newest research results, and on some image galeries.

training collection

our home:
the Humboldt Building
(Geological Institute)

main collection

All members of the Department of Palaeontology are situated in the Humboldt-Bau building of the Geological Institute. Beside the head and one assistent professor there are a varying number of Phd- and diploma students as well as some interested students more which are working in student working groups.

Prof. Dr. Jörg W. Schneider - Professor for Palaeontology, Head of Department

phone:        +49 (0)3731-39-2856
fax:             +49 (0)3731-39-3599
email:          schneidj(at)geo.tu-freiberg.de
homepage:   http://www.geo.tu-freiberg.de/~schneidj

Major research topics:

palaeobiology and classification intertebrates/vertebrates
reconstruction and evolution of continental ecosystems
Carboniferous/Permian, focused on:
stratigraphy, basin analysis, litho- and biofacies patterns, palaeogeography, palaeoclimatology, arthropods, sharks

Prof. Dr. Olaf Elicki - Professor for Micropalaeontology & Palaeoecology

phone:        +49 (0)3731-39-2435
fax:             +49 (0)3731-39-12435
email:          elicki(at)geo.tu-freiberg.de
homepage:   http://www.geo.tu-freiberg.de/~elicki

Major research topics:

micropalaeontology of invertebrates
microfacies analysis of marine sequences (mainly palaeozoic carbonates)
Cambrian, focused on:
"small shelly fossils", ecosystems, stratigraphy, depositional patterns, palaeogeography


Dr. Marco Roscher - PostDoc

Tel.      +49 (0)3731-39-2434
Fax      +49 (0)3731-39-3599
email:          S.Voigt(at)geo.tu-freiberg.de

Major research topics:

climate modelling, late Palaeozoic and early Mesozoic;


Dr. Sebastian Voigt - PostDoc

Tel.      +49 (0)3731-39-2038
Fax      +49 (0)3731-39-3599
email:          S.Voigt(at)geo.tu-freiberg.de

Major research topics:

trace fossils, especially:
Permocarboniferous, Triassic,ecology, sedimentary facies patterns, palaeogeograpy, stratigraphy.


PD Dr. Ronny Rößler - Honorary Lecturer

phone:      +49 (0) 371-488 4550
fax:           +49 (0) 371-488 4597
email:          roessler(at)naturkunde-chemnitz.de
homepage:   http://www.naturkunde-chemnitz.de/frame/f_info.htm

Major research topics:

palaeobotany, focus on the Permocarboniferous:
For details see above mentioned website.


Dr. Lutz Kunzmann - Honorary Lecturer

phone:      +49 (0) 351-8926 406
fax:           +49 (0) 351-8926 327
email:          Lutz.Kunzmann(at)senckenberg.de
homepage:   http://globiz.sachsen.de/snsd/default.htm

Major research topics:

palaeobotany, focus on the Tertiary and the Mesophytic period.

Phd - students

Dipl.-Geol. Muftah M. Altumi
Research topic: "Facies architecture and depositional history of the Cambrian Hasawnah Formation (Al Qarqaf Uplift, Libya)"
doctor-father: Dr. O. Elicki
phone: xxx / fax: +49 (0)3731-39-3599
email: muftah551(at)yahoo.de

Dipl.-Geol. Michael Buchwitz
Research topic: "Taxonomy, Phylogenesis and Paleobiology of the Madygen Tetrapod Fauna"
doctor-father: Prof. J.W. Schneider, Dr. Sebastian Voigt
phone: +49 (0)3731-39-3499 / fax +49 (0)3731-39-3599
email: michael(at)buchwitz.de

Dipl.-Geol. Jan Fischer
Research topic: "Palaeoecology and migration behaviour of the Palaeozoic to Mesozoic freshwater sharks Lissodus and Orthacanthus using stable isotopes"
doctor-father: Prof. J.W. Schneider, Dr. Silke Voigt (Frankfurt)
phone: +49 (0)3731-39-3812 / fax +49 (0)3731-39-3599
email: j.fischer1(at)yahoo.de

MSc. Abdelkbir Hminna
Research topic: "Litho- & biofacies of the Sidi Said Maachou basin (Triassic) and comparison with the Argana basin (Permo-Triassic), Morocco"
doctor-father: Prof. J.W. Schneider

Dipl.-Geol. Ines Jaschke
Research topic: "The Rotliegend of Saxony"
doctor-father: Prof. J.W. Schneider
phone: +49 (0)3731-39-4411 / fax +49 (0)3731-39-3599
email: i.jaschke(at)web.de

Dipl.-Geol. Ilja Kogan
doctor-father: Prof. J.W. Schneider
phone: +49 (0)3731-39-3126 / fax +49 (0)3731-39-3599
email: i.kogan(at)gmx.de

MSc. Abdelouahed Lagnaoui
Research topic: "Late Palaeozoic and Early Mesozoic continental ichnofaunas of Morocco: ichnotaxonomy, palaeoecology, and biostratigraphy"
doctor-father: Prof. J.W. Schneider

Dipl.-Biol. Martin Licht
Research topic: "Paleobiology of Late Jurassic pycnodontiform fishes from Germany"
doctor-father: Prof. J.W. Schneider
phone +49 (0)351-8926-260
email: Martin.Licht(at)senckenberg.de



Dipl.-Geol. Andreas Brosig
Dipl.-Geol. Frank Scholze
Dipl.-Geol. Frederik Spindler
BSc Daniel Falk
BSc Anne Förster
BSc Christiane Gold
BSc Marcel Hübner
BSc Ludwig Luthardt
BSc Sebastian Niegel
Jan Brückner
Robert Ganß
Stefan Graneis
Anja Hengst
Franziska Heuer
Marcel Hübner
Christian Kreher
Maria Krüger
Anne Leuschke
Jeanine Lomberg
Ludwig Luthardt
Tim Meischner
Sara Mönchgenger
Julius Neuwirth
Marvin Preusse
Johannes Rember
Karl Schmidt
Sascha Schmidt
Sandra Schöne
Maria Schulz
Martin Stüwert
Gerald Volkmar
Robert Wickfelder


Student working groups

WG "Continental depositional areas" (lead by Jörg Schneider)

This student working group investigates continental depositional areas and their vertical and lateral evolution patterns. During this work the students use a wide spectrum of different working methods. The results are summarized within interdisciplinary synthesis. The main focus is on systematic, stratigraphic, lithofacies and sedimentary as well as on petrographic and geochemical work. The data from these investigation are used for creating a complex model of the terrestrial deposition area and its stratigraphy, its litho-, bio- and volcano-facies and its palaeogeographic and palaeoclimate framework.
Further activities of the student working group is on the reconstruction and modelling of palaeontological models (e.g. of a life-scaled Arthropleura) and on the realization of excavation projects.
At the moment the work of this group is focused on Permocarboniferous things (Dresden/Chemnitz/Zwickau area, northern Germany, and different basins in eastern Germany as well as in the French Massif Central and Morocco) and in the Triassic (Madygen, Kyrgyztan).

WG "Micropalaeontology and biofacies reconstruction" (lead by Olaf Elicki)

This students working group investigates sediments of mainly marine carbonate environments in its bio- and sedimentary facies. Based on the analysis of the faunal content and of the sedimentary patterns of the sequences the life modes of the organisms, their habitats and the whole depositional area are reconstructed. Part of this work are field activities (sampling, documentation), laboratory work, preparation, and separation of the fossil content as well as the investigation by light- and SEM microscopy.

At the moment the work is focused on Early to Middle Cambrian carbonates of different regions of perigondwana (eastern Germany, southwestern Sardinia/Italy, Dead Sea region/Jordan), but, Ordovician and Cretaceous deposits of Bornholm are also included.

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